As a provider, caregiver, caseworker or friend, you know every person you serve is unique. Together, we help families achieve the success you know they can.

Why is a System of Care partnership a good choice?

You’re Part of a Team: Children and families with a variety of serious needs often require support and services from many different groups. By partnering, we can better coordinate the unique services and supports you and others offer. We work as a team to meet the family’s evolving needs without duplicating services.

Greater Understanding: As a System of Care partner, you’ll have the ability to deepen your understanding of those you work with as you communicate and collaborate with the child, family and other partners. This broader understanding may inform and personalize your service to the family and youth, generating improved outcomes.

It’s Family-Driven: The child and all other family members identify what services they believe will best help them succeed long-term. We focus on increasing strengths, both behavioral and emotional, while working with them in their home and community. The family may choose to start and stop participation at any time.

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How does it work?

System of Care uses the “wraparound” approach to provide support to families—meaning from every angle, we work together to get them the right service at the right time and at the appropriate level.

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4 Phases of Wraparound

1You refer a child and family to System of Care. The family meets with a Care Manager and Family/Youth Peer Support who will learn about their individual strengths and challenges.

2You may be asked to partner with the family and other team members to provide services that are unique to the family and include actions and preferences for care.

3As part of the team, you will work together with the family to implement coordinated services.

4We celebrate the family’s success as they transition out of System of Care and other services and continue a culture of support from friends, family and community team members.

What’s my time investment?

Our goal is to create a coordinated effort in helping families develop lasting change. If you are part of the team, you will continue to provide support as you have been. You may be asked to attend family team meetings. A typical plan can take anywhere from six to 18 months.

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What’s my role in System of Care?

Refer: You know the families and youth you serve and understand the complexity of their needs. As their advocate, you may refer children and families that would benefit from the comprehensive and empowering approach that System of Care offers.


Serve: Your services and support may be requested as part of a family’s individualized care. Your role may continue as it currently is or evolve based on the family’s concerns, desires and needs.


Collaborate: To prevent duplication of services and realize improved outcomes, collaboration and support between parties may include phone calls, emails, team meetings and discussions. This will help all team members stay in tune with the family or child’s voice and their desires, progress and success.

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