There’s not another person like you or a family like yours. No matter the reason you need support right now, your care plan should be as unique as you.

Why is System of Care a good choice for my family?

It’s Voluntary: You choose to start and stop your participation at any time.

Your Voice Matters: You, your child and all other family members indentify the services you believe will help you succeed long-term. We focus on your strengths and increasing the behavioral and emotional strengths of your child.

You Stay in Your Home and Community: You work with us in your home, or other location of your choice. We work together to identify services in your community that are convenient, value your culture, speak your language and meet your individual goals.

You’re Part of a Team: Who do you want to help you manage your challenges? A neighbor? A teacher? A counselor? A church leader? Your family works with a Care Manager to form a team that will support you through a coordinated effort—especially if you are currently working with multiple agencies and providers.

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What’s my time investment?

Our goal is to support your family in developing lasting change. It will take time working together and adjusting as needed to make that happen. There is no set time for completing the wraparound phases, but a typical plan can take anywhere from six to 18 months.

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What’s my role in System of Care?

Participate: We believe you know what is best for your family. You lead the team to develop an approach to services that you and your family need. Your care manager works with your team to make sure the actions happen. You will be respected when making decisions and adjustments for your family.

Be Available: Choosing System of Care will require your time. You will have regular phone calls, emails, team meetings and one-on-one discussions with you in your home or location of your choice, and at a convenient time. Clinical services you choose will be in your community.

Collaborate: In addition to anyone you are already currently working with, choosing System of Care will add two people to your family team. They will get to know you and have regular contact with you about your plan of action:

1. Your Care Manager navigates you through the process, brings your team together to strategize, gets releases for records and makes sure services are delivered as expected.

2. A Family or Youth Peer Support personally understand your experiences, listens to you and offers ideas.

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4 Phases of Wraparound

1Your family will meet your Care Manager and Family/Youth Peer Support who will learn about your individual strengths and challenges. They will help you begin building your team.

2You and your team develop a plan that is unique to you and your family and includes your actions and preferences for services.

3Your family and team work together to implement the approach you have created.

4We celebrate your success as you transition out of System of Care services and continue a culture of support from your friends, family and community team members.

Family Stories

Every day is still a challenge, but Jamie is encouraged by the progress they are making each day. In her words: “Our family is healing.”
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