2017 Artist Packet

UT-YES Art Show

Inner Perspectives: There’s more to the story

The annual Utah Transitioning Youth Empowered to Succeed “UT-YES” Art Show is a compilation of artwork from youth and young adult artists, aged 12-25. This year’s theme is Inner Perspectives: There’s more to the story, which was created to share the message that all youth are individuals who cannot be defined in a case note or a story told about them. UT-YES creates communities where youth are heard, respected and empowered by listening to the inner perspectives of youth.

The traveling UT-YES Art Show will be hosted at six locations around the state of Utah. This year’s compilation will be hosted in Blanding, Moab, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City and Vernal. Each display location will have an open house event to kick-off the display and celebrate the artists. The display will be seen by hundreds of people and prints of the artwork will be sold to benefit the artists and the statewide UT-YES Initiative.

If you are a young adult, aged 12-25, UT-YES invites you to submit your artwork now through April 10th, 2017!


1) Create your art (see below for ideas and rules.)

2) Write your 1-3 sentence caption for your artwork.

3) Fill out a separate submission form for each artwork!
o Submission forms can be found online at: systemofcare.utah.gov/artshow

4) Mail in or Drop off your artwork.

5) After you send in your submission, watch for our open house invitation! You will be invited to the Open House that is closest to where you live. Please feel free to invite anybody and everybody you want to attend the Open House. It will be open to the public.

Mail submissions to:
Michelle Vance
Executive Directors Office
Department of Human Services
195 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Artwork can be expensive to mail, please see our website (systemofcare.utah.gov/artshow) for local drop-off locations with our partners across the state.


Artists who live in Utah, aged 12-25, can submit original 2-Dimensional artworks such as paintings, drawings, collages, photographs and other hang-able art mediums to be displayed.

• Each artist can submit up to TWO entries maximum.

o It is highly unlikely but if we receive more submissions than we are able to display, we will only feature one artwork per artist. When submitting more than one artwork, please write which one is your first choice to be displayed.

• Please write your name on the back or bottom of your artwork.

• Maximum size of artwork allowed: Medium Poster 18”X24”

• Please submit unframed artworks, our staff will frame them.

For artists who need support submitting their artwork, we have a separate Supportive Adult Submission form. This form lists a contact other than the artist for UT-YES staff to communicate with regarding the open house, print sales and returning original artwork.


Quality photo prints of all artworks submitted to the UT-YES Art Show will be made available to the public for purchase at each open house event from April-Oct. 2017. Prints will only be sold in person at these events.

Prints will be sold as following: 5×7: $10.00

8×10: $15.00 11x:14: $20.00
Build your own calendar $35

The money made from all sales of these prints will be split 60% to each young adult artist, 40% to UT-YES for facilitation of the sale and event. By submitting your artwork to this event, you agree for your art to be sold as a photo print.

At the end of the UT-YES Art show in October 2017, print sales will be totaled and individual checks will be written to the artists. It is the artist’s responsibility to update the Art Show Coordinator (Michelle Vance, mvance@utah.gov) with their most recent contact information, if it changes. Artists who choose not to donate their artwork will be contacted at the end of the Art Show in October to have it returned to them via mail.


There will be an open house event held to celebrate the Art Show’s opening in each location. Artists will receive an invitation to the event closest to them. We welcome and invite ANYONE to join us at the open house events to come celebrate the amazing artists’ work. Each open house event will have refreshments and prints of the artwork for sale. Dates and times of all Open House events will be posted on our website as soon as possible. UT-YES open house events will be held in Blanding, Moab, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City and Vernal. The full artwork display will also be hosted for 2-4 weeks in each location.

This campaign is a partnership between the State of Utah’s Department of Human Services, Allies with Families, the National Alliance on Mental Illness- Utah, Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, Utah Navajo Health System, Wasatch Mental Health, and North Eastern Counseling Center.

The 2017 UT-YES Art Show is funded by the federal Now is the Time Initiative, Utah Transition Youth Empowered to Succeed (UT-YES) grant.

Questions? Contact Michelle Vance, Department of Human Service’s Youth Coordinator mvance@utah.gov

UT-YES Art Show Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who can submit artwork?
Youth and Young Adults, aged 12-25, who live in Utah.

Q: Why should I submit my artwork to the UT-YES Art Show?
Your artwork will be displayed for a large audience with a short 1-2 sentence caption listed next to it. Submitting your artwork allows you to share your creativity and message of individuality and hope with the community. Often youth and young adults are not given a space to share their inner perspectives and this Art Show is one project created to intentionally hear from youth and young adults in Utah.

Q: How many pieces of artwork can I submit?
You can submit up to TWO entries. It is highly unlikely but if we receive more submissions than we are able to display, we will only feature one artwork per artist. When submitting more than one artwork, please write which one is your first choice to be displayed.

Q: Does my artwork need to be framed to be accepted?
No, please do not frame your artwork before you submit it.

Q: Can I submit my artwork anonymously?
In order to submit your artwork, we do need to know your full name, age and contact information. As for displaying your artwork anonymously, yes we can. Please note on your submission form if you would like your name to remain anonymous.

Q: Is there anything I shouldn’t draw or portray?
This art will be displayed in a public place for people of all ages. We encourage honest and true art. All submissions will be reviewed by the UT-YES young adult planning committee to make sure they are approved for viewing by people of all ages. If your artwork is deemed inappropriate, we will contact you and return your submission.

Q: Can I submit something other than 2-D art?
Unfortunately, because of the display space we are using, we can only accept hangable 2-Dimensional artworks such as paintings, drawings, oil works, collages, mixed mediums and photographs.

Q: What should be included in my caption?
Your caption will likely be read by everyone viewing the display. This is your chance to describe your artwork and message in 1-2 sentences (25 words maximum.) Feel free to include any message you want. In the past, others have included things like: inspirational quotes, important statistics, a message of hope, what makes you unique, etc.

Q: Where do I send my finished artwork to?
You may either mail in your submissions or drop it off at anyone of our local drop off locations around the state. Drop off locations are with our community partners in every county. See the full list here: systemofcare.utah.gov/artshow

Q- Can I bring my family and friends to the open house?
Yes! Bring as many people as you would like and tell all of your friends! We will have light refreshments, the full art display, prints for sale and other featured entertainment.

Q: Where will the Open Houses take place?
We will host six different open house events to showcase the artwork and share the display with the public. The display will be hosted in Blanding, Moab, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City and Vernal. We will post the date and time of each event on our website ASAP.

Q: How long is the art displayed?
The artwork will be displayed for a total of 6 months. It will be hosted for 2-4 weeks in each location around the State of Utah. The artwork will be displayed in Blanding, Moab, Price, Provo, Salt Lake City and Vernal.

Q: How many people will see the display?
Hundreds to thousands of people.

Q: If I choose not to donate my artwork, when will I get my original back?
You will be contacted at the number listed on your submission form in Oct 2017 to have your original artwork mailed back to you. If you move or change phone numbers before then, please contact the Art Show Coordinator, mvance@utah.gov, to update your contact information so we can return your artwork to you. If we cannot contact you within 90 days of the end of the art show, your artwork will be donated.

Q: What happens to my artwork if it is donated?
Your original artwork will be saved and used for related UT-YES activities. It may also be hung in one of our community partner’s office buildings.

Q: How much do I get paid for prints that are sold? Artists will receive 60% of the profits made from the print sales.

Q: What happens to the other 40%?
The remaining 40% of the profits will go to local UT-YES partners who are helping to host and grow the Art Show.

The Art Show’s 2017 partners are:

● Northeastern Counseling Center in Vernal

● Wasatch Mental Health in Provo

● Four Corners Community Behavioral Health in Price and Moab

● Utah Navajo Health System in Blanding

● The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-Utah) in Salt Lake

Q: When will I get paid for the prints that were sold?
At the end of the 6 month Art Show in Oct. 2017, print sales will be totaled and checks will be sent from the State of Utah to artists who sold prints at any of the six open house events.

Q: How can I promote the Art Show so more people can see the artwork?
Tell your friends and family about the event, and post on social media about the open house and art show! Each open house will have a separate flyer, please contact the Art Show Coordinator to receive the flyer for the event closest to you!