Utah’s System of Care program is part of a nationally recognized, evidence-based approach to service for families and children with emotional and/or behavioral health needs who receive support from multiple agencies or organizations. Its “wraparound” approach has two decades of supported evidence that helps families and children get the right service at the right time and at the appropriate level.

The national System of Care philosophy is based on the following core values and guiding principles:


Community based
Family driven
Youth guided
Culturally and linguistically competent

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Broad array of effective services and supports
Individualized, wraparound practice approach
Least restrictive settings
Family and youth partnerships
Service coordination
Cross-agency collaboration
Services for young children
Services for youth and young adults in transition to adulthood
Linkage with promotion, prevention and early identification

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4 Phases of Wraparound

1Your family will meet your Care Manager and Family/Youth Peer Support who will learn about your individual strengths and challenges. They will help you begin building your team.

2You and your team develop a plan that is unique to you and your family and includes your actions and preferences for services.

3Your family and team work together to implement the approach you have created.

4We celebrate your success as you transition out of System of Care services and continue a culture of support from your friends, family and community team members.

Family Stories

Every day is still a challenge, but Jamie is encouraged by the progress they are making each day. In her words: “Our family is healing.”
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Because of a long process and a language barrier, Julia never felt like anyone understood what her family was going through. With a care manager and family peer support from System of Care, she was able to receive appropriate community-based services for her family.
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It’s been a long hard journey for Olivia and her family, but her son is now back home experiencing success and stability.
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Amy and her husband John decided to adopt two biological brothers. These brothers had both been severely abused and neglected, but Amy and John were committed to “no giving up.” As time went on and challenges began to completely exhaust them, System of Care was able to provide the needed support for their sons as well as for themselves.
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